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Stage One involved an extensive community consultation process eight sites across Australia. These sites were selected by the National Empowerment Project and the Department of Health, and were identified based on initial community consultation as a way of exploring the communities readiness to engage as part of the Project and be able to develop and deliver a local Empowerment program.

Stage One is a significant part of the empowerment program, as it involves gathering information from each individual community to establish what needs they require to facilitate themselves, their families and their communities to be empowered and healthy. This process is imperative to ensuring communities have ownership and control their own futures. This process in itself empowers the individual and promotes self worth and esteem and gives a sense of hope.


Build relationships with at least eight Aboriginal

and  Torres Strait Islander communities.

Build the capacity of local community people to undertake a participatory action research process.

Train and support up to 16 Community Consultant Co-researchers in skills such as Project planning, scoping the community, interviewing, workshop data collection methods, data analysis, report writing, and Project dissemination strategies.

Develop a national network of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and Community Consultant Co-researchers involved in empowerment, healing and leadership.

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