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Outcomes from the consultations undertaken in each of the eight sites have showed that all sites require healing, empowerment and leadership programs.

Stage Two involves the development of an Empowerment program specifically for each local community and based on the outcomes of Stage One. The data gathered from Stage One has been analysed and put into meaningful information that is being used to specifically design an Empowerment program for each of the sites.






Assist local communities to develop an Empowerment program for their own areas.

Train local community consultants as co-researchers and facilitators to deliver the program.

Produce training materials, facilitator workbooks and participant workbooks.

Work with other experts in the field to develop an appropriate program that includes information for each local community about what they need to empower themselves, their families and the wider community.

Work with local communities to plan and deliver a two day introductory Social and Emotional Wellbeing workshop.

Assist local communities to write submissions and seek funds to ensure delivery of their programs.

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