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Sydney, Australia’s largest city, is the state Capital of New South Wales. Sydney was the site of the first British colonial contact and settlement in Australia.


In January 1788, when the British arrived, it is estimated that there were more than 1500 Aboriginal people living in the area from Botany Bay to Broken Bay and as far west as Parramatta.


Many groups made up the population in the local area, including the Gadigal, Wangal, Wallumedegal, Boromedegal, Gamaragal, Borogegal, Birrabirragal and Gayamaygal.

The City of Sydney, in consultation with local Aboriginal groups of Sydney, acknowledge the Gadigal of the Eora Nation as the traditional custodians of Sydney.


Redfern is an inner city suburb of Sydney with a strong and proud Aboriginal population. Redfern has significant social and political history for Aboriginal people, having established the first Aboriginal Legal Service and Aboriginal Medical Service and also the first Indigenous housing project: the Aboriginal Housing Company for ‘The Block’, as well as being one of the centres of political action for the struggle for Aboriginal Rights.



Local Language Group: Eora


Population: Sydney is the most densely populated city of Australia. The population of Greater Sydney is 4,391,674, of which 54,746 (1.2%) are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (ABS, 2011).


Local Services:

There are many positive initiatives happening in Redfern now that augur well for the future.

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