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Updates from our Community Consultant Co-Researchers

Great turn out for the Northam focus group which was held at Wheatbelt aboriginal health services building located on wellington street which intailed 8 participants from both aboriginal and non aboriginal people within the group who were keen to find out about the NEP Project and what it was about and how they could come involved as many in the group have a passion for aboriginal people and their communities and want to make a positive difference in the social, health and emotional wellbeing of aboriginal people. Most of the discussions involved how the loss of their culture has made a huge impact on the lives of the people living in and around the Northam region and wanting to gain back the importance of connecting to country both culturally and spiritually. Northam is seen to be the main resource point for access of services for communities throughout the wheatbelt and WAHS ( Wheatbelt aboriginal services ) is seen to be the light for aboriginal people to connect and seek assistance from. When talking about culture and spirituality the group were in agreeance that their need more positive change and start reaching into the communities to have strong leadership for the next generation. Some the discussions went into having more celebration in the town of aboriginal culture and history as this has stopped for many years and memories of the past NAIDOC celebration events are just memories of which brings saddness to the town. As the session went on the participants seem more enthuiasic about the possibiltie of aboriginal programs coming into the community and giving hope to those who have been going through intergenerational trauma as majority of the town make up of the stolen generation and their desendance. The Northam focus group looks forward to the NEP Project and what it has to offer…

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