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The following is a summary of the key recommendations compiled through the community consultations and cultural, social and emotional wellbeing workshop:

Recommendation 1

Principles: Any future program needs to be community owned and culturally appropriate. A local Narrogin empowerment program needs to have community members identifying their problems and designing the solutions. Any program needs to have legitimate community support; be culturally appropriate and locally based; take a community centred and strengths based approach; aim to build capacity, that is, employ and train local people and ensure a valued role of Elders in all aspects.

Recommendation 2

Delivery: Any program should be flexible and delivered on country, where possible; and be able to meet peoples’ different needs and stages in their healing journey. The program should consider gender issues so that separate male and female modules can be delivered if and when necessary. A program should also be delivered in a manner whereby opportunities for education, training and employment are provided as potential prospects.

Recommendation 3

Content: The content of programs should include modules that address cultural, social and emotional wellbeing, healing, and self-empowerment. Other skills could include life skills such as problem solving and conflict resolution skills, goal setting, nurturing strengths in families and the community, and communication skills (especially with family).

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