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Bronwyn Murray: Cherbourg, QLD


Bronwyn lives in Cherbourg. She currently works as a Counsellor for Uniting Care Community in Cherbourg and hopes to operate her own business in the future. Bronwyn’s passion in life has always been to help her people from all walks of life in any challenges they encounter on their journey. Bronwyn’s soul passion is to be the best person she can be who is centred, balanced, non-judgemental and stress free. Bronwyn is a multi-skilled individual who wants to set great examples for her kids, family, friends and community with a motto to never say never and to get her people to come together and unite in one spirit, one mind and one body – whether it be at social, community or family events.

Glenis Grogan: Cherbourg, QLD


Biography coming soon.

Nigel Williams: Cherbourg, QLD


Biography coming soon.

Katherine Hams: Cherbourg, QLD


Katherine Hams is an Indigenous Mental Health Professional and has worked as a teacher, counsellor and trainer. With more then eight years of management experience in mental health services, Katherine has extensive clinical experience, particularly in Aboriginal communities. Her interest include developing strong recognition and positive promotion of mental health, establishing a stronger link to holistic health, advising on providing culturally specific mental health services and supporting stronger linkages between state mental health services and community based and primary health care providers. Katherine is a member of the WA Mental Health Advisory council, Kimberley Aboriginal Mental Health Planning Forum.

James Stanley: Cherbourg, QLD


Biography coming soon.

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