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Located in the South West coast of WA, Perth is Australia’s most isolated capital city. It is Australia’s fourth-largest capital, but Perth’s population is quickly growing due to its strong industrial economy.

The name Perth is derived from the Noongar name for that country, Birritt. Although Noongar language is considered ‘endangered’, the Noongar population has grown throughout the recent decades to well over 30,000 people, mostly living in the South West. However, Perth is also home to a large number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents from all over Australia.


Local Language Group: Kaardtijin Noongar


Population: The 2011 ABS population data indicates that Greater Perth has a total population of 1,728,867 with 27,105 (1.56%) of whom identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The Greater Perth Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population represents 38.9% of the State’s total Indigenous population.

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